Incursions into sound, text and image.
Abstractions, revelations, dissections.
Music, language, cinema, fiction, futures, memory.
Rhythm, texture, nuance.
Change, change, change.

Time feels warped and weird in a psychedelic way — that’s because it is. The present is a culmination of accelerated sign production. Society has simulated itself, a model built to represent the model. It’s a scale model, the map of no territory, sold to us, its loyal customers, for a discounted price. It’s also a discounted experience. It’s the sales version, the one that works just long enough for the Company to cash out. We bought the projection, not the real thing. The Power Point presentation instead of the actual product.


We don’t share the same time, we don’t even share the same illusion of time. We belong to societies thrust in a blender of symbols, signs, languages and gestures that need to be the same, but aren’t necessarily the same. The language we use to communicate might have the same grammar, but differs in syntax and meaning. 

Cosmin Nicolae

︎︎︎ is a multi-disciplinary artist working with image, sound, text to produce works of intimate reflection at the intersection of autoethnography, psychogeography and possible futures.

︎︎︎cultivates meaningful connections and collaborations in the realm of music for film, installations, dance, performances, theatre, talks and flânerie. All things art, avant-garde pioneers, anthropology, ethno-musicology, cinema and beyond.

︎︎︎ published three collections of poetry aged 13

︎︎︎ born in Romania

︎ Opening the door on Hessle Audio over a decade ago - an outlet that has gone on to become a defining voice within electronic music in the 21st Century, Nicolae’s list of affiliations reads like a who’s who of top tier contemporary dance music record labels. Appearances on Amsterdam’s Rush Hour and Gerd Janson’s Running Back, as well as a brace of singles alongside LP’s Gordian and Simulat on the now defunct 50 Weapons - not to mention work for Semantica and Bleep, have cemented Cosmin TRG deep in the psyche of the ever shifting amoeba that is the electronic music zeitgeist.

︎ explores the liminal, the prehistorical, the microscopic, the delusional, the utopian

︎ ︎ ︎  ︎ ︎ ︎

Protection 01 EP

Cosmin TRG inaugurates Haruka’s Protection label with four original works of black hole electronic psychedelia and ectoplasmic techno. Kickless shapeshifting textures of an unknown era, Protection 1 is fit for both home listening and club manipulation. A1’s entrancing dream synthesis marvels beyond the final frontier, hastily disrupted by A2’s future-pagan paranoia. The hypnotic tension of B1 arrives like a chopper from the Apocalypse Now opening sequence, descending into madness with its durational force. B2 restores the depleted energy with a healing sound bath - a powerful unity of the ancient world and the astral realm.

Hope This Finds You Well LP

Hope This Finds You Well is the result of an investigation into contemporary corporate culture and its reflection in the way streaming platforms create and tailor playlists suited to boost labour efficiency.

Dragged down from its Olympian heights, with its vulnerable nomenclature applied liberally, ambient music has been adopted, adapted and weaponised. Deployed as healing services, office playlists cater to corporate wellness, workplace harmony and act as a mental tonic.

Fizic is pleased to present the results of this empiric research, realised between Q4 2018 and Q1 2019. It employs synthesis, sampling, tone generation, field recording, ghost transmissions all consolidated into twelve executions.