Cosmin Nicolae

︎︎︎ undisciplinary artist working with image, sound, text to produce works of intimate reflection at the intersection of autoethnography, psychogeography and possible futures.
Composer for theater, film and commercial.

Currently developing my first feature film as writer-director.

Consulting for cultural initiatives and exploring possible futures.

︎︎︎ born in Romania, based in Berlin.

︎ A meandering trajectory from writing for bizarro mock-reality TV shows in the 2000s followed by a full-fledged electronic music career culminating in a pivot to screenwriting - I am a restless observer with a passion to engage in raw conversations across media. Having released a slew of recordings and toured the globe as an electronic music producer for more than a decade, I am expanding on my practice to include forays into filmmaking and exploring the nexus of theater, dance and ethnography. The aim is to cultivate a novel vocabulary that eludes linguistic barriers by drawing from multiple cultural potentials to tap into a primordial source of exuberant expression.

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