Cosmin Nicolae

︎︎︎ anti-disciplinary artist working with image, sound, text to produce works of intimate reflection at the intersection of autoethnography, psychogeography and possible futures.

︎︎︎ Writer and director with a restless enthusiasm to discover new worlds of creativity and expression.

Composer for theater, film and commercial.

Currently developing my first feature film as writer-director.

Consulting and creating for web3 initiatives and exploring possible futures.

︎︎︎ born in Romania, based in Berlin.

︎ A meandering trajectory from writing for bizarro mock-reality TV shows in the 2000s followed by a full-fledged electronic music career culminating in a pivot to screenwriting - I am a restless observer with a passion to engage in raw conversations across media. Having released a slew of recordings and toured the globe as an electronic music producer for more than a decade, I am expanding on my practice to include forays into filmmaking and exploring the nexus of theater, dance and ethnography. The aim is to cultivate a novel vocabulary that eludes linguistic barriers by drawing from multiple cultural potentials to tap into a primordial source of exuberant expression.

︎︎︎ I’m searching for meaningful connections and collaborations in the realm of music for film, installations, dance, performances, theatre, talks and flânerie. All things art, avant-garde pioneers, anthropology, ethno-musicology, cinema and beyond.

︎ let’s explore the liminal, the prehistorical, the microscopic, the delusional, the utopian.

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