Faced with the anthropogenic impact on climate, it has become increasingly difficult to envisage a post-Anthropocene system. 'Protoflora' investigates a Utopian, post-taxonomic world in which kingdoms and regna fuse together and communicate, exchanging metabolism and physiology. FIZIC008 is the contrast agent that highlights Cosmin's explorations in hybrid instrumentation, connecting his Opal Tapes album "Semnal", his faux-ambient "Hope This Finds You Well" and the rhythmical experiments on Sportiv. 'Protoflora' borrows from the sonic realms of noise, Kosmische, field recordings, Prog Rock over psychedelic relays linking Cluster, OPN, James Ferraro, Ulrich Schnauss, Not Waving. 'Zentrum Ziggurat' applies razor-sharp polymetric pressure to asphyxiated synthesis redolent of Burnt Friedman or a vectorised Mohammad Reza Mortazavi.